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Introducing the Philippines

The Philippines are an incredibly diverse country with an abundance of cultural sights and natural haunts where it is possible to spend one’s time. Many tourists, and particularly backpackers, visit the country on regular occasions and enjoy spending time at the beach or in one of the many nightspots that make the country so unique.

Provinces such as the Ifugao are a truly stunning example of man’s harmony with nature, as they show the utilization of terrace farming in order to effectively grow crops in steep mountainous areas, and there are many more outdoor sights that are must-visit spots. From Manila to some of the smaller islands, it is certainly a country that is a suitable destination for all.

Places to go to

Manila is definitely the top place to visit, described as the “Pearl of the Orient”. It is made up of many courtyards, narrow streets and has a population of 11 million people. There are many restaurants, shopping centres and hotels in Makati that offer plenty to do, day or night.

There are also a number of surfing spots available in the Philippines, with the most famous ones being Sabang, San Fernando and Bagasbas. Surfers will be able to experience the thrills of high waves and stunning beaches, while savouring the sights and sounds in the many facets that make up the country’s cultural panorama, even evident at the beach.

Of course, backpackers are notable in this country and places like Luzon, Samar and surroundings can be immensely fun, experiencing the thrill and adventures of a natural paradise. Visitors will be able to undertake an adventure that is incomparable to other countries, and the experience will be one of those unforgotten memories.

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