Introducing Tunisia

The mystery of the North African landscape hardly has rivals as far as history and natural landscapes featuring the desert is concerned, and Tunisia is a place that offers a great variety for tourists anywhere in the world. Despite being a very small country in comparison to other African nations, Tunisia surely has enough cultural impact and history around Africa to be considered much larger than its actual size and current population.

Tourism is a major part of the Tunisian economy and the income from this industry is considerable all year round. There is plenty to see, whether people enjoy a holiday focussed on historical landmarks and history or simply one that savours the country’s natural landscape. From lakes in the north peppered with pink flamingos, to the southern mysterious Saharan lands that hide tales of myths and passions to be recounted in generations, Tunisia is definitely one of the countries that must be visited.

Places to see

There are plenty of places to visit, as briefly mentioned, and one will never be bored while on holiday in Tunisia. The Bardo Museum offers an insight into the country’s ancient treasures and cultural history, and it boasts a collection that provides a glimpse into what ancient North African life was like. This is incredibly interesting, particularly for those who prefer to connect to the past.

El Jem is a colosseum that springs up suddenly and unexpectedly from a low plateau, exactly between Sousse and Sfax. This is a great landmark to visit and will offer some insights into what the Romans offered to this Northern African country upon civilising it thousands of years ago. There is also a great archaeological museum well worth seeing.

Carthage, of course, remains one of the most visited locations all year round, as it is a historically pivotal location rich in museums and landmarks. The Antonine Baths, the Sanctuary of Trophet, the Acropolium and the Punic Ports Museum are all must-see sights, giving more than a glimpse into a long-lost civilisation that helped shape the Mediterranean and North African cultural panorama.

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