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While it may seem hidden between two larger countries, Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has many things to offer the millions of people who visit it. Any visit should take in cities like the bustling capital, Montevideo and Maldonado or Melo, the endless plains, the wild Atlantic coastline and beach resorts.

But the visit should perhaps begin in Montevideo. Apart from impressive government buildings and palaces, its Old City is still home to wonderful colonial-era architecture. Visitors can also enjoy great nightlife and wonderful restaurants, with fresh meat being a staple on any menu.

Heading away from the city, the plains of Uruguay have much to offer, with their endless majesty. Ecotourism is now popular here, and it is a paradise for bird-watchers, windsurfers and anglers. Staying in a rural hotel, in the middle of nowhere, is a wonderful experience, and can be topped off by trying some of the great local wines.

The coast provides many delights, from unspoilt beaches to modern holiday resorts, such as the “livable sculpture” of Casapueblo.

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