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Sending flowers to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is one of the only two countries in the world, along with Liechtenstein, in where it is necessary to cross two borders to reach the sea. It is part of the so called Central Asia and it is known for its agricultural exploitation of raw materials such as cotton. However, in the last years, it has been eclipsed by the extraction of natural gas and minerals such as gold or uranium.

Uzbekistan preserves major influences of Russia, due to it formed part of the Soviet Union until its dismemberment in 1991. Although the official language is Uzbek, is Russian the most widely used language for much of daily life, trade and politics.

Regarding to the customs, tea is always offered in the Uzbek houses and also in the main table of the house, food must never be missed, being chaired by a center with fruit. On the other hand, it is interesting to know the silent arc, a typical greeting of Uzbekistan and of some neighboring countries that shows a deep respect for the person to whom it is directed. It is about bringing the left hand to the heart and performs an inclination of head with a very subtle movement. It should also be noted the social and artistic importance of music in this country. Uzbekistan has the most powerful music industry in all of Central Asia, with composers and singers who follow quite the western style.

But if you really want to know the essence of the Uzbek people, it is best to visit one of the many outdoor markets, in where there are presents the old customs of the local people. Furthermore, in this place you can taste the traditional dishes of this country, such as the famous flat bread called non or the stew known as plov, consisting of boiled and fried meat, onion, carrot and rice. On the market you can also buy clothes, carpets and handbags with the typical Uzbek embroidered, very original by their forms and by their colorful.

Although it may seems like a faraway country, sending a message of love and closeness is now very easy thanks to our flower delivery to Uzbekistan. The best way to let the special people who live there know how much you think about them. Plain and simple, send a bouquet of flowers to Uzbekistan is your best option to approach you to whom you love the most.