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Send Flowers to Vietnam

Send flowers to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the four countries located in the Indochina peninsula, in Southeast Asia. Its geography extends through a great part of the South China Sea. One of Vietnam’s biggest sources of wealth resides in its enormous biodiversity, almost all the country is covered by vegetation and forests represent 30% of its territory, with the bamboo as the protagonist. Its beach, mangrove, forest and mountain ecosystems, as well as its wide variety of fauna, make it a very attractive destination for nature tourism. Its tropical rainforests are inhabited by beloved species such as elephants, panthers, bears and tigers, many of them protected for being endangered species.

But Vietnam is not only defined by its great natural heritage, but also for its history and culture. Although for many years the country was under China’s influence, it has managed to maintain its traditions and customs, which have been recently strengthened. Within their varied gastronomy, we can enjoy meat and fish dishes, with a predominance of rice and the use of many vegetables in their cuisine. A delicacy for the lovers of oriental-flavored dishes.

The national flower of Vietnam is the lotus flower, after the Vietnamese people themselves chose it in a national poll, surpassing the peach and the apricot blossom. It’s not surprising, since the beauty of this flower is one of the most admired in the world. Also, in Vietnam, the lotus flower symbolizes simplicity, humility, hospitality and purity, because it grows in the mud and purifies the water.

If you know someone living in Hanoi, the capital, or any other city of this beautiful country, sending a bouquet to Vietnam is the best choice to keep in touch with her and send them a message of love and affection that overcomes distance.

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