Thank you Messages

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Thank You Messages

It can be challenging to write thoughtful notes to people. The more people these notes are intended for, the harder it gets. We decided to give you some help in that regard by creating a simple guide on the subject. Whether you are writing to a single friend or a collection of guests, this should make life a bit easier. Showing gratitude is an important courtesy that cannot be taken lightly. Therefore, we have compiled some useful information to help you show your appreciation. Below is a collection of useful information and tips to help you create unique thank you messages. This article not only teaches you how to write these messages, but it also provides interesting message ideas. 

Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to Write a Thank You Message
  • Thank You Message Ideas
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How to Write a Thank You Message

The idea of writing a thank you message is to achieve a psychological impact on the receiver(s) of said message. You want people to know that you genuinely appreciate them and their efforts. If you follow the simple six-step process below, no one will ever doubt your gratitude!

  • Organization

The first step is to gather everything you need to get started on your messages. First, you need to establish who you need to thank. If this is a single person, the process is a bit easier. However, for multiple persons, you need to gather their contact information and ensure you can easily get to it. Gather addresses as well for a more efficient process. Apart from the contact information, you need your supplies on hand. For example, if you’re opting for traditional handwritten notes, these may require supplies such as postage stamps and envelopes.

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  • Tone

The next step is to decide on the tone you want to convey. Written text doesn’t deliver the intended tone as easily as speech does. Therefore, achieving the desired effect requires adequate planning and execution. Are you writing to an individual or a series of guests? How close are you to the recipient(s)? Are you aiming to sound casual, or do you want your message to come across as professional? Mapping out the kind of tone you want to convey helps you to use the right elements to do so. Remember, the tone your recipient(s) get can make or break your message.

  • Expressing Your Gratitude

This is where your message begins and where you set the stage for the rest of it. Communicate the purpose of your message from the get-go before getting into the details. Begin with the person’s name and ensure that you have the correct spelling. Following this, lead your message with a statement of gratitude. For example, imagine that you want to thank Jasmine for attending your anniversary celebration. You could say “Jasmine, thank you so much for attending my party!” This gives the message a personalized feel for Jasmine, and it immediately conveys your message’s purpose.

  • Get into the Details

This is where you start to get granular and indicate specifics about why you feel the need to express gratitude. This also contributes to the feeling of personalization, as the recipient feels as if he/she is wholly responsible. Using the example in the previous point, imagine that Jasmine is one of the best dancers you know. Furthermore, imagine that Jasmine brought life to your party by starting dance moves that everyone could do. This probably resulted in other attendees becoming engaged and dancing as well. You could then say, “The evening would not have gone as well as it did without your inspirational dance moves.”

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  • Start Making Plans for the Future

This is where you make people really feel as if they had an impact. Everyone knows that people are inclined to want to repeat experiences that are enjoyable. Therefore, if you are indicating that you want to make future arrangements, you appear truly grateful. If you were pretending, chances are you wouldn’t be in a hurry to make plans with your recipient(s). Sticking with the example given above, you could say “I can’t wait to have you at my next party!” This communicates that you truly appreciate what she did, so much so that you’d like her to do it again.

  • End with Your Final Thought of Gratitude

You need to keep the tone of appreciation flowing throughout your message from beginning to end. There’s no such thing as being too thankful. Therefore, you should end on a note of gratitude. Let’s look at our example one last time. You could say “Thanks again for making my special night awesome! I have one of the best friends on earth.” Ending this way conveys that the thankful feeling is all but flowing out of you. It really makes your recipient feel as if they did something very right.

Thank You Message Ideas

Now that the steps for compiling the message are out of the way, next we can look at several message ideas you can use to great effect. Just remember that the wording you use depends on why you’re thanking the person.


Here, you want to use jazzy adjectives to communicate immense appreciation. Examples include:

  • I cannot wait to let everyone see my sweet new ____!
  • I’m so lucky to have awesome people like you in my life!
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Here, you want to express the fact that you appreciate time and effort. Examples include:

  • I can’t thank you enough for being there when I needed you most.
  • You have no idea how much what you did means to me.


The idea here is to highlight what made you comfortable. Examples include:

  • Your home is very welcoming and warm.
  • My trip was made even more amazing by your hospitality!

Any Occasion

Always remember to highlight what made you feel the need to express your gratitude. Even if it seems a bit generic, these sentiments are generally appreciated. Examples include:

  • Thanks for just being who you are.
  • Thank you for always supporting my dreams.
  • I cannot see myself without your friendship in my life.

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