Valentine’s Day 2018 in Numbers

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With Valentine’s Day 2018 now well and truly over, it’s time to look back on what sort of a year it was in terms of the flowers people sent. It was probably one of the busiest years in terms of the volume and variety of bouquets we sent here at FloraQueen, and now that the dust has settled on February 14th we can tell you a little about who was sending what on Valentine’s Day.

As you can see from our infographic below we were tasked with the delivery of 25,000 bouquets and of those 25,000 orders we discovered the following:

Valentine's Day Infographic

Who were the biggest romantics on Valentine’s Day?

It was not a great surprise to see that men were the most likely to send flowers on Valentine’s Day. With almost 10 times more of our “Valentinos” ordering flowers than our “Valentinas” the results were clear to see.

What were the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day?

We broke down the numbers of our three major gift surprises: flowers, chocolates and teddies. We found that the overwhelming majority opted for flowers on Valentine’s Day over all other gifts.

Where did most of our “Valentinos” send their gifts?

There was a touch of Latin passion amongst our “Valentinos” this year, as the top three destinations for our bouquets were in both Spain and Italy. Both Barcelona and Madrid, the biggest cities in Spain made up just over 7 percent all our deliveries, whilst recipients based in Milan received around 2.5% of the bouquets.

Where was the most popular destinations for “Valentinas”?

While Madrid was also the top destination for our “Valentinas,” the second most popular destination was Milan this time. Even more surprisingly, Barcelona was beaten out completely by Berlin. This showing that just like in our look at the most romantic cities of the summer, you should never underestimate the German people when it comes to romance.

It’s certainly clear to see from this year’s statistics that flowers remained far and away one of the most popular gifts to give and receive on the day of lovers. Did you send or receive flowers for Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments.

FloraQueen’s goal is to share flowers wherever they may be needed on special occasions. We send bouquets to over 100 countries around the world and work with expert local florists to ensure that every surprise is well taken care of. Deliver the surprise of flowers wherever your special someone may be. 

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