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Plant Hampers Collection

Peaceful Caprice: Peace Lily and Cava

Peaceful Caprice

Peace Lily and Cava
Pink Delight: Orchid and Chocolate Selection

Pink Delight

Orchid and Chocolate
Mystical Evening: Kalanchoe and Champagne

Mystical Evening

Kalanchoe and Champa
Chocolate Wonders: Orchid and Praline Selection

Chocolate Wonders

Orchid and Praline S
Red Hearts: Anthurium and Red Wine

Red Hearts

Anthurium and Red Wi
Red and White: Bromelia and Red and White Wine

Red and White

Bromelia and Red and

Surrounding ourselves with plants fills us with positive energy and ensures the air we breathe is pure and renewed. Create a moment of peace and happiness with this small orchid and a selection of gourmet treats, perfect for savouring alongside a generous glass of champagne.

Gift hamper includes:

  • Mini white Orchid

  • Moët Chandon (75 cl)

  • Olive Selection Focaccine (200 g)

  • Selection of Swiss chocolate pralines (44 g)

  • Gourmet Strawberry & Champagne Jam (130 g)

Joyful Meal: Kalanchoe and White Wine

Joyful Meal

Kalanchoe and White
Tropical Sweetness: Bromelia and White Wine

Tropical Sweetness

Bromelia and White W
Soothing Bliss: Sansevieria and Whisky

Soothing Bliss

Sansevieria and Whis
Precioso, sólo un poco estropeados algunos pétalos
Las flores son preciosas y muy duraderas! La persona que las entregó muy amable!
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Hampers with plants and gourmet treats: send an experience full of relaxation and enjoyment.

Something magical happens when we are out in nature: we feel calmer and happier, we think more clearly, we worry less and we believe that anything is possible. Using plants, we can bring these incredible feelings into the home or the office, thus improving our work and relaxation environments, so that we can laugh and have fun with those around us. Here at FloraQueen, we know all about the benefits plants and flowers can bring, so we want to go a step further. If there is one thing that delights people just as much as being out in nature… it is pampering their palate! Bringing these passions together creates an experience you can give to your loved ones, who will savour the selection of gourmet products included in their hamper and get to enjoy a well-deserved moment of relaxation.

What will you find in our Hampers with Plants category?

Our collection of Hampers with Plants offers the ideal combination for anyone who wants to create a little natural haven in their home while enjoying unique, high-quality gourmet products. These sets make the perfect gift for families and friends, or for treating yourself on a special occasion. Every hamper is made up of one of our best plants accompanied by various sweet and savoury gourmet products. On top of that, they all come with an excellent pairing option: from 12-year-old whiskies to effervescent cava, as well as select varieties of white and red wine. One of the most unusual plants you will find in this collection is the Kalanchoe. The contrast between its large leaves and delicate flowers has earned it an undisputed place among the most loved ornamental plants. Another interesting aspect of it is its symbolism, which is closely linked to the spiritual world. Did you know its leaves have numerous medicinal properties and can be used to make a herbal tea? Another plant you will find in this category is the orchid, known and loved for its elegant flowers and its association with harmony, perfection and love. Its soft petals contrast with the sturdy red anthurium, which opens up into a heart shape and evokes feelings of joy, hospitality and strength. Or why not discover the exotic world of the bromelia? Its bold-coloured flower grows naturally on tree trunks and has been around for over 65 million years. Put it in a spot where you spend a lot of time and witness its ability to infuse the atmosphere with inspiration, passion and energy. Beyond the beauty of their plants, these hampers also stand out for their truly special gourmet products, which will delight even the most exacting palates. They include delights that range from a sweet selection of pralines to a box of colourful macarons, as well as delicious jams, crunchy mini focaccias and exquisite foie gras. Send them a gift they will never forget, with the top-quality FloraQueen sets of plants and food products. We send all our products within 24 hours to any corner of the United Kingdom, and to around 100 other countries all over the world. We put all our love and care into what we do so that you and your loved ones can concentrate on enjoying. Rediscover relaxation time!