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Sweden is a decidedly modern country, yet with longstanding traditions rooted in matters such as equality, and a style of life which is simple and close to nature. Regarding its capital, Stockholm´s beautiful vistas draw visitors from across the world. The Gothic architecture can be explored on foot through the windy cobbled streets of the old town, reflecting the diverse history of this fascinating city, built on 14 islands joined together by over 50 bridges. There´s more…if it´s history you are interested in, Stockholm is home to more than 70 museums, promoting the cultural and historical heritage of the city for all to appreciate, including “Skansen”, the world´s first open air museum established in 1891. If you know people here, choose to send gifts to Sweden from our wide collection to celebrate that special someone´s day. So the next time you want to send gifts to Sweden, look no further.

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Whilst the lifestyle may be simplistic in Sweden, the Swedes study and work hard, which is why the fita, a staple tradition is so important to them. Fita is a social institution that comprises of a midafternoon break in which to enjoy a tea or coffee, and a sweet treat such as fruit, cake or even ice cream, and has become a very significant part of the national culture. Speaking of ice cream, Sweden´s Soderkoping village is home to the largest ice cream restaurant in the world. However, if you´re visiting, ice cream might not be the best souvenir to travel with. So to find your holiday gifts in Sweden, why not try online? If you are looking for the perfect gift to send your special someone in Sweden, have a look through our wide range of gifts and send gift baskets to Sweden to celebrate those special moments.