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Lund is a city with a wealth of cultural history and a commitment to present and future achievement in all spheres of life. Reducing its carbon footprint includes creating the type of cycling conditions that ensure safety and convenience. These efforts have earned Lund the honour of being voted the best cycling town in Sweden. Its concern for a safer and cleaner future has also given birth to a state-of-the-art research and development centre. Nature thrives here and the landscape is carpeted with a colourful and diverse array of flora.

Lund is also a city that is rich in architectural landmarks from previous centuries. Free guided tours of the Lund Cathedral are offered on the first Sunday of every month. Building of this remarkable structure was first begun in 1080 and, although parts of it were damaged during the violent Skane wars, it remains in active use today. The Lund University dates back to 1666 and has survived its share of turmoil. It seems to epitomise the unconquerable spirit that characterises the approximately 83,000 inhabitants of Lund.

Arranging a flower delivery to Lund as a gift to someone special will include many of these indigenous beauties, so choose your bouquet today.

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