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Send Red Flower Bouquets Worldwide

There's probably no colour of flower arrangement more passionate than a red flower bouquet and with FloraQueen, sending red flowers worldwide couldn't be easier. A red bouquet of fresh flowers is perfect to offer a heartfelt happy birthday, a warm thank you or a loving anniversary greeting and we offer everything you need to send smiles around the world.

Why do red flower bouquets make amazing gifts?

Red flowers simply make the most passionate surprises, not to mention a clear symbol of love and affection for a special someone. What you may not know is that these beautiful blooms also communicate courage, desire and respect. Making these the perfect colour flowers to offer congratulations or spur someone on to a healthy recovery after an illness. Of course, without question a bouquet of red flowers is probably the best gift to convey your love to someone who makes your heart sing.

What are the best red flowers to surprise with?

There's plenty of choice when it comes to the variety of red flowers.  Among the best red flowers you can enjoy are:

Of course, no list of red flowers would be complete without roses, the most famous and popular red coloured flower of all.

How easy is it to send red flowers around the world with FloraQueen?

FloraQueen delivers flowers in over 100 countries worldwide and making a delivery couldn't be simpler. All you need to do to share red flowers all around the globe is the following:

  • Choose the ideal red bouquet from our collection
  • Let us know when and where you'd like your bouquet to be delivered
  • Select any extras or add-ons like chocolates, teddies and vases you want to send with your flower arrangement.

Once your order is confirmed we'll ensure that your arrangement is delivered safely and on time with the freshest flowers. We work with expert local florists across all corners of the globe to ensure that we can deliver the best quality bouquet whenever you want to make a loved one smile.

Send passion and love

Red is ironically known as the color of passion, and the color of love. When you think of flowers, you most likely think of the color red, it is one of the first colors to spring to mind, and not just red roses. There are numerous red flowers, such as lilies, orchids, and carnations just to name a few. Our wide selection and uniquely composed bouquets ensure that you will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

A bouquet of beautiful red flowers is the ideal gift to send to someone that you love, a simple bouquet of red-colored flowers is able to convey so much to that special someone. We offer a diverse selection of red bouquets for you to select from. Browse through our catalog and carefully decide which bouquet you want to give. As always you can rely on FloraQueen for fresh flower delivery, and we can deliver to over 90 countries worldwide to help you feel close to a loved one who is far away.

Make their day magical

With FloraQueen you can give a truly magical moment, give something unique and special thanks to our international home delivery. Choose a bouquet of red flowers to thrill a person dear to you. Surprise her with a bouquet of red roses and give her a magical day. Whether it’s a birthday, your anniversary or any other date, red flowers are never wrong. With red flowers, in fact, you are guaranteed to win her over, because they are the quintessential symbol of love, strong feelings and passion. Not just the love between couples, it can be the love of a mother, a brother, a sister or a friend. Love is celebrated at large because it is the feeling that keeps us alive. Celebrate the wonderful expression of love with a bouquet of red flowers and bring joy and magic to their day in minutes. Send them a bouquet of gorgeous red flowers easily with international flower delivery. FloraQueen makes sending loving flowers to anyone in over 90 countries easy, so when you want to send feelings of love and passion with red flowers to choose FloraQueen to make it all happen.