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Rosario is the largest city in the Santa Fe district of Argentina. It should be noted that Rosario is one of the few cities in the entire country that has managed to retain some stunning examples of neoclassical architecture. This window into the past has allowed Rosario to become one of the prime tourist destinations in the region, as well as a location featuring one of the highest per-capita income rates in South America.

Like many large cities in South America, Rosario's economy very much revolves around the service industry. However, recent outside investment has also made it a major petrochemical centre as well as a manufacturer of auto parts and ironworks. Rosario is rich in culture, boasting a whole host of theatres, museums and landmarks. An influx of international retailers has boosted the city's wealth enormously and countless inhabitants from the countryside have relocated here in the last twenty years in pursuit of a better life.

Against the backdrop of burgeoning growth, flower delivery to Rosario has become a popular gift idea amongst its inhabitants and indeed anyone who may be visiting the city. Modern shipping methods have allowed flowers to become an original means of reminding someone just how important and cherished they are.

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