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Manama is the largest city within Bahrain and is also the capital of the country. This is no accident, as its strategic location close to the Persian Gulf has enabled Manama to enjoy a prominent role in trade throughout its history. The city has also been under the control of various empires including the Persians, the Portuguese and the Ottoman Turks. Thanks to a wealth accrued largely due to the lucrative oil industry, Manama has experienced an unprecedented amount of growth.

During the past fifty years, this city has emerged as one of the leading financial centres in the Middle East. While a population of less than two hundred thousand inhabitants is seen as relatively diminutive in comparison to other urban locations, Manama is nonetheless a hub for banking, oil transport and regional trade. Its striking skyline and high standard of living enabled Manama to be named as the capital of Arab culture in 2012. Increased foreign investment and diversification into the IT sector are additional signals that this city will continue to prosper into the future.

For those living in this progressive city, flower delivery to Manama is a wonderful gift option. A wide spectrum of colours and unforgettable arrangements can be enjoyed by all.

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