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Bruges is a Flemish city like no other. While some refer to it as ‘The Venice of the North’, others like to think of it as a former leading global commercial centre. Its name is attributed to the Old Dutch word for ‘bridge’, and the city’s origins can be traced back to the Gaul era. It was raided by pirates, Romans, Franks, and even Vikings. It was once a bustling merchant town and the flagship of the Low Countries’ economy, and it even became refuge to Charless II of England during exile.

Nowadays, it’s a major tourist attraction, with tourists from across the globe swarming to see the swans float atop the tempered water swirls on the canals. Everywhere you look shops boast their enchanting window treatments reminiscent of days of yore: wooden carousels, hand-made lace doilies, Belgian chocolates, porcelain dolls, tapestry handbags, leather craftwork, and many others. The city centre is a World Heritage site which attracts millions of tourists each year, while the flea markets, the historic monuments and the renaissance architecture see the nostalgic and the antiques enthusiasts growing in numbers from one year to the next.

Bruges is an undeniably romantic city, and a flower delivery to Bruges is the best gift idea for showing that special person how you feel.

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