Bogota is the capital and the largest city of Colombia. With an estimated population of over seven million inhabitants, is also the most densely populated urban district in the country. This city is one of the largest in South America (by square kilometres) and one of the highest (at nearly three thousand metres above sea level). A lesser-known fact is that Bogota is also known as a respected centre of learning; often being called the "Athens of South America".

Bogota has emerged as an important hub of industry and commerce. The influx of capital that has entered during the last twenty years has helped to improve its image, allowing it to become an attractive tourist destination. Several sites have become popular for visitors and natives alike. These include the Jose Celestino Mutis Botanical Gardens, the national observatory and the Usaquen flea market that entices tourists looking for original gift items. Assuming that foreign investments continue to increase, many analysts feel that Bogota will quickly emerge as one of the most economically robust cities in South America.

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