Like most areas of Egypt, Alexandria is a treasure trove of remains of an ancient and glorious past. Founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, it was once the most prosperous and magnificent cities in the world. As such, it has links with every illustrious Roman and Egyptian figure of the time, not least of which is Anthony and Cleopatra. The awesome splendour of the palaces built to house these powerful leaders was described by the historian Strabo as covering almost a third of the entire city.

Among the many stupendous architectural achievements, the Temple of Serapis in Alexandria stood as the most monumental. The ancients regarded this as the ultimate portrayal of elaborate Egyptian art combined with the grace and ethereal beauty of the Hellenes. However, the most treasured of Alexandrian accomplishments was the incomparable library begun by Ptolemy I and completed by Ptolemy II, which is said to have held 500,000 books. Conflicting scholarly theories put forward on who was to blame for its fiery destruction still shrouds this event and its perpetrators in mystery.

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