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Tampere is located in southern Finland and is currently home to close to four hundred thousand residents. As this city is also relatively small, Tampere is considered to be the most densely populated urban centre in the entirety of Scandinavia. The city is found on the banks of the Tammerkoski River, so it has always been an important location for trade since it was first established in 1775. With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, Tempere was (and still is) one of the most important industrial centres in Finland.

While heavy industries are no longer present here in their previous form, Tampere is still an important centre for commerce. Modern technologies such as engineering, information, medicine and communications represent a sizable portion of its annual revenue. Paper manufacturing has also been an important traditional economic sector that still survives into the present day. While industry is indeed prevalent, this city also embraces both culture and the arts. This attitude can be witnessed in the annual Tampere Film Festival and yearly rock concert known simply as Tammerfest.

This diverse city is also known for its numerous flowers, so flower delivery to Tampere is quite a relevant gift idea. Thankfully, there are a kaleidoscope of arrangements and bouquets to choose from.

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