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Grenoble is a city located within southern France at base of the French Alps. In fact, it has become colloquially known as the "Capital of the French Alps" due to such proximity. Grenoble has experienced a considerable amount of industrial expansion that began in the nineteenth century. In particular, the entire region was one of the first of its kind to produce viable energy solutions through the use of hydroelectric systems.

The history of Grenoble dates back to over two thousand years ago although it was not until the early twentieth century that it began to undergo a significant economic boom. After the cessation of World War Two, this city became home to several institutions of higher education; the most famous of which is aptly named Grenoble University. The city excels in its pursuits of science and engineering and examples of this progress can be seen in such locations as the National Centre for Scientific Research (known in French as CNRS). Major tourist attractions include Le Bastille and the Archaeological Museum of Saint-Laurent.

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