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Mannheim is Germany’s industrial powerhouse, and according to the latest statistics, it is the eight-largest populated metropolitan area in the country. Throughout history, Mannheim has been an affluent city due to its proximity to both the Rhine and Necklar rivers. Thanks to a strong economy, Mannheim has played host to a number of major industrial giants such as John Deere, Unilever, Siemens, Reckitt Benckiser, Daimler and IBM. Hence, Mannheim has also enjoyed marked levels of growth and prosperity in recent times.

As the city is also imbued with a rich history, Mannheim is considered to be a prime tourist destination. Some of the most noteworthy sights include St. Sebastian’s Church, the University of Mannheim, a vast area known as the Marktplatz (marketplace) and a centre that is laid out in a grid pattern (quite unique compared to other cities in Germany). Second-to-none levels of outside investment and employment opportunities have enabled Mannheim to experience unprecedented growth in the last thirty years. This expansion is expected to continue.

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