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Farm-fresh flowers. International Delivery. 100% Satisfaction.

Rated 4.2 from 63292 reviews

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Farm-fresh flowers.
International Delivery.
100% Satisfaction.

Customer reviews

The purchase interface and easy and trustable, delivery was at appropriate time after. Overall great experience!
I ordered flowers late at night for a bereavement - after 10pm - in London and the delivery was made in Lisbon by 11am the next day. My friend sent a photo of the arrangement and it was very nice. Only thing is if ordering for bereavement some of the arrangement are more funeral than sympathy so I ordered from the romance selection!
I ordered a plant for my friend who lives in a rural town I Hungary. I’m in the US, the order was delivered on the correct day and within the timeframe I chose. My friend sent me a picture of the plant and it was almost identical to what was pictured on the website. It won’t be exact because of the vast variety of florists they use. My friend was surprised and extremely happy. If I need to send anything in the future I will be using this service again.
The flowers are excellent quality after nearly a week. The delivery man went to special lenghts by phoning and coming to the back door when he didn't get anyone at the front door.
Très joli bouquet de roses et lys. Très parfumé, ça sent très bon ! Service de livraison très bien aussi !! Le livreur a téléphoné pour vérifier si on était à la maison à l’heure de livraison.
Perfect transaction, thank you for the great service.
While I haven't been able to get signed up for a repeat customer, I have used FloraQueen for service in Cali Colombia 4 times. We have had some problems but they were mainly on my end because of language (either I misunderstood the address or phone number) but the product that has been delivered has been very satisfying for the ones whom have receive them.
The flowers were delivered on time. The flowers were beautiful and a nice bottle of champagne. But they forgot to add the card that I paid for so the recipient didn't know who the flowers were from.
Very pleased with service! Delivery made on-time and communication was good. I will be using your service from now on!

Send Flowers to Mandideep

Farm-fresh flowers. International Delivery. 100% Satisfaction.

Rated 4.2 from 63292 reviews

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