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The significance that Nazareth holds in the Christian world is the primary reason for the huge number of tourists who visit the region annually. As the home of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, Nazareth has an abundance of religious sites that claim some connection to the biblical family. Lying in the heart of Galilee and surrounded by mountains it is where Jesus is said to have spent his youth. Over the centuries, this has led to many churches and temples being built to commemorate a biblical event that was thought to have taken place on a particular spot. Nazareth is also the home of the largest Arab community in Israel, which means numerous mosques are found here.

With its hilly landscape, Nazareth has an abundance of wild flowers and aloes that colour the region. The Iris Nazareth is a spectacular bloom that is found mainly on mountains to the east of Nazareth. Sending the gift of a flower delivery to Nazareth that includes this flower will no doubt please a loved one. It is easy to imagine this particular flower adorning the homes of inhabitants of the region over many centuries, as it is a poignant symbol of the past and present fascination with Nazareth.

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