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Kazakhstan is a little-known country in Europe and its culture and customs are not as popular as other former Soviet Union countries. The country features a mix of both Mongol and Turkic elements, people who originally moved into this region in the early 13th century. As a result, the nation varies between these two cultures and the country has its differences, also due to the migrations that helped its foundations. Kazakhstan is a republic, featuring a hybrid system of voting that allows for both aspects of a presidential and a parliamentary system. The country was declared independent from the reins of the Soviet Union in December 1991.

Many of the newcomers who emigrated during the “Virgin Lands” programme, which was introduced by the Soviet Union in order to help cultivate the country’s northern lands, left during the year 1991 following the political turmoil. The country’s vast natural resources allow it to grow immensely, and to become one of the richest central Asian states. Though the country is now thriving, it is still trying to boost its importance on the international scene, endeavouring to slowly establish better trade and tourism relations with both the Eastern and Western worlds.

The country’s population is roughly 16.2 million people, with the current capital city being Astana. The former capital was Almaty, which is still considered one of the cultural and commercial hotspots in the central Asian nation. The city is slowly developing into an environmentally safe location, where tourists and traders are welcome. The city plan for 2030 aims to develop a number of structures to back this eco-friendly outlook, including plans to upgrade the transport system, plans to develop new buildings for the city’s commercial districts and much, much more. FloraQueen will allow you to send flowers to Kazakhstan hassle-free using its international flower deliveryservice.

Kazakhstan offers an arid to semi-arid climate, resulting in what are generally bitterly cold winters and scorching hot summers. FloraQueen's flower service in Kazakhstan allows tourists and locals to experience beautiful bouquets in rapid delivery times.

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