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Until 1997, Almaty was the capital of Kazakhstan. Still, modern times have allowed this urban district to remain a popular commercial centre and the largest city in the entire country. Since prehistoric times, Almaty has been populated by one culture or another. So, it can be seen that while Kazakhs still make up the majority of the residents, a number of other races abound including Russians, Tatars and even Koreans.

For many, Almaty is known as the "City of Fountains". Indeed, well over one hundred and twenty-five can be encountered and many of these can be traced back hundreds of years. While embracing the modern world, there is still a great sense of tradition; it is not uncommon for old men to gather on street corners and debate important topics much as the generations before. For those who live within Almaty, numerous cafes, a burgeoning nightclub industry and a new citywide metro are a few of the advancements that can be enjoyed. As this city continues to embrace modern technology, Almaty should grow in physical size and population.

Thanks to modern transportation, flower delivery to Almaty is more reliable and secure than ever before. With a multitude of arrangements to choose from, this gift is excellent at reminding someone how very important they are to you; even if they are thousands of kilometres away.

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