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Jelgava is a great Latvian city straddling the Lielupe River. It was formerly known as German Mitau and Russian Mitava. Its name is thought to derive from the Livonian word for "town on the river", as it was a Livonian settlement in the 10th century AD. The Castle of Mitau was built in Jelgava by the Brothers of the Sword in 1226. As the Brothers of the Sword, a military and religious order, was dissolved in 1561, Jelgava was passed onto the dukes of Courland. It received its city rights 14 years later and was assigned the role of Courland capital in 1578. In 1763, the Duke of Courland abdicated under Russian besiegement.

In World War I, Jelgava was valiantly defended by two Latvian battalions, which inspired the creation of the Latvian Rifles. The city was crucial in achieving Latvian independence as it was the battleground of Bolsheviks, Germans and Latvian freedom fighters in 1919, the latter emerging victorious.

Arranging a flower delivery to Jelgava is a thoughtful gift that will not go unnoticed, as the locals care deeply about decorum and propriety in their daily activities, as well as during local festivities and celebrations.

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