The largest of the three Baltic states, Lithuania doesn’t get as much attention as some other European nations. Nonetheless, it’s an active player in the EU. Visitors to Lithuania describe a nation with a feisty, tenacious character, vibrant and full of special quirks. After struggling free from the former Soviet Union, Lithuania was the first EU member to sign up for the European Constitution. As well as its urbane cultural centres, Lithuania is also blessed with regions of outstanding natural beauty. There are forests, mountains and glorious beaches. The Curonian Spit National Park, for example, includes a stretch of rare and valuable sand dunes, and is home to a wide variety of species.

The capital city, Vilnius, is a small but immensely lively place, full of fascinating relics from Lithuania’s turbulent past. Panevėžys, with its Museum of Ethnography, and Kaunas, home to the Historical Presidential Palace and Kaunas Cathedral Basilica, are other cities worth visiting.

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