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Kaunas is the second largest city in the nation, and is a shining light for Lithuania’s economy, education and culture. The city is ancient, with a legendary foundation myth reaching back all the way to the early Roman Empire. Since then, the city has accumulated many spectacular buildings and landmarks. There is the Kaunas Castle, a 14th century fort, and the Kaunas Cathedral Basilica, the largest building in the Gothic style still standing in the city. The city is also notable for its theatres; it boasts six in total, performing exhibitions from dance to ventriloquism. The Kaunas State Drama Theatre is one of the oldest functioning theatres in the country. Kaunas is also a major economic power, with the food and beverage industry being the most lucrative of all its industries. IT and electronics have also recently become a larger part of the city’s employment opportunities. The city is also known for its annual jazz festival, and the Pažaislis music festival. There is also an active nightlife in the city, with many pubs and clubs available to visit.

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