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Ohrid is a Macedonian city sitting on the shores of Lake Ohrid. It is known as the Jerusalem of the Balkans since legend has it that it was once home to 365 churches.

The city's old town is very typical of the region, picturesque, with narrow winding streets. But the city's history goes back a lot further than medieval times. This can be perfectly seen in the Ancient Theatre, built by the Greeks in 200BC. It is now used for concerts, theatre and performances of all kinds.

Another glimpse into the past can be found at the restored Plaosnik monastery, which originally dated from the 10th century. The Museum of Archaeology is well worth a visit, giving the visitor a tour through the city's past, it is housed in a very attractive building.

Ohrid has a long history of craftwork, the most famous being its exquisitely carved woodwork, examples of which can be bought in numerous small shops in the old town. But pearls from the lake are perhaps the most frequent souvenir of a stay here, the manufacture and glazing are secrets handed down from generation to generation.

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