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Chisinau, also known as Kishinev, is the capital of the Republic of Moldova and it is located in the centre of the country. The metropolitan city has nearly 700,000 residents, making it considerably large by European standards.

The city was founded in 1436 and has been involved in many historical events, such as the Russo-Turkish Wars, in which it was burned twice. Having come under Russian rule in 1812, it received the recognition as a town only six years later. Immigration from the Russian Empire lead to a rapid rate of growth for this previously minor settlement; having only had 7,000 inhabitants in 1812, by the end of the 1800s this has ballooned to over 100,000. Having been nearly completely destroyed in the Second World War, Chisinau experienced a state of regeneration in the post-war period, attested by its current population.

Chisinau, the city of the 'New Spring', in the heart of Moldova and where the hustle and bustle of the country is, waits for you to brighten somebody's day. Plan your flower delivery to Chisinau and imagine the joy on your loved one's face as the gift is delivered.

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