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Morocco is well known across the world, and will offer travellers plenty of mystery among its deserts and its coast. The country is known for nomads and Berbers who know the deserted landscapes like their own back pockets, and the country’s Medina lanes will allow tourists to get to the ancient souqs and riads.

Morocco’s landscapes could be described as lyrical, and the country’s stunning oases and desert lands could be said to be especially suited to adventuring holidaymakers. There is plenty to do here, from visiting the Rif to experiencing the everyday life led by Moroccan Berbers who will allow tourists to savour the true Morocco.

Traditional Morocco

Experiencing everyday life will always allow holidaymakers to give a more real twist to their trip abroad and living among Moroccans is likely to involve relaxing in one of the local cafés, discussing politics while waiting for a delicious mint tea to be served in the hot sun. There are other things to do, though, for those who have itchy feet and like to constantly move about.

Hiking is always a possibility while in Morocco, as the country has plenty of mountains and high peaks that are unique in the world. For those who like shopping, wining and dining, Marrakesh or Casablanca are must-visit locations and will provide all you need to experience the Moroccan high life.

For a more historical approach, visiting Medina and the World Heritage sites is highly recommended, as they will allow you to experience places like the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou and many more historically important spots.

Traditional Moroccan food is known worldwide, and it is definitely an experience that will heighten your senses and leave you mesmerised. Preparing a tajine, a slow-cooked stew, with some of the finer meat cuts is definitely a great experience, and learning to cook couscous like the Moroccans do is a skill that you will find useful when you return to your own country.

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