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As of 2004, this capital city of Morocco boasted just over six hundred thousand residents (this number has likely increased since the last census). Rabat is one of the most important Moroccan cities, as it serves as the location for many foreign embassies. Its presence on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and at the mouth of the Bou Regreg River has allowed the city to flourish since modern times. As Morocco is a rather arid country, Rabat has been a traditional home to many important industries including textiles, construction and food processing.

While Muslim architecture dominates the urban centre, it should not be forgotten that Rabat was under French control until the latter half of the twentieth century. Therefore, French (and English to a lesser extent) is still widely spoken here. Some of the most famous landmarks include a large plaza known as Rabat Hassan, the sprawling shopping district of Riad and the massive Mouregreg Marina. Additionally, Hassan Tower and the Rabat Archaeological Museum are often frequented by visitors to this vibrant city.

With a continual influx of foreign workers, flower delivery to Rabat is becoming increasingly commonplace. Indeed, this service is a wonderful idea for those who wish to send a gift to a loved one or anyone who may reside in this modern urban centre.

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