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Managua has been the capital and the largest city in Nicaragua since 1852. Despite its humble agricultural origins, this city now has a population of well over 2.2 million inhabitants. Its size has made it the second-largest city in South America (behind Guatemala City). Currently, Managua is a city that revolves primarily around the trading industry. It is a major focal point for the shipment of coffee, sugar, cotton and countless vegetable crops. Still, Managua is becoming more industrialised and through increased outside investment, the quality of life for its inhabitants has also improved.

Managua is also a city rich in history. For those visiting (and locals alike), there are numerous cultural attractions to enjoy. A handful of the most popular sights are the Plaza de la Revolución, the Old Cathedral of Managua, the Rubén Dario National Theater and the National Palace of Culture. Thanks to a temperate climate and acres of open space just outside its metropolitan centre, Managua is one of the most frequented tourist hotspots in all of South America.

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