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Send Flowers to Portugal

Send flowers to Portugal

Portugal is one of the two countries on the Iberian Peninsula, the other one being Spain, both countries belonging to the European Union. Portugal's climate is warm and very similar to its neighboring country, which allows us to enjoy many different types of flowers, among which we find Lavender, one of the symbols of the formerly called Lusitania province.

You can send flowers to Portugal thanks to the international flower delivery service by FloraQueen, the most prestigious online florist today, making the whole process very easy and guaranteeing fast shipping and thoroughly professional treatment, from every step of the journey from our flower shops online, to the delivery into the hands of the recipient.

Lisbon is the capital and largest city of Portugal. On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon welcomes many exchange students from all over the world every year, so that the variety and amount of flower deliveries to Lisbon is huge.

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. Thanks to its cultural, demographic and industrial power, Porto (meaning "port") is regarded as the "Capital of the North" in Portugal. With FloraQueen you can send a bouquet of flowers to Porto, to a relative or any loved one, with the guarantee that all orders will arrive on time and with the best quality thanks to our places that deliver flowers.

Amadora is a small Portuguese town that is part of the District of Lisbon. Not being nearly as important as the Portuguese capital, Amadora enjoys a lively atmosphere –and what better way to enjoy life than to send flowers to your loved ones with hundreds of flowers for sale online on our website?

Braga is the third largest city in Portugal. Its many historical monuments make one want to wander around its old town enjoying the scent of flowers on its streets. Trade and tourism are the main economic pillars of Braga. Multiple flower deliveries are sent to Braga daily, many of them through the flower home delivery service by FloraQueen, the online florist that operates in more than 90 countries.

Setubal is a port city in which flower trade is very common. Its main economic sector is industry, besides crafts, agriculture and forestry and fishing activities. It is customary among the people of this loving city to send each other floral arrangements during significant times as a sign of love and celebration.

Coimbra is an important Portuguese city, with a temperate-dry climate. Coimbra is characterized by its narrow streets, flowering courtyards, and medieval staircases and arches. Send flowers to Coimbra with FloraQueen, the online florist that guarantees utmost punctuality, the best quality and professionalism in all their deliveries.

Whatever the occasion, wherever your loved ones are, FloraQueen is the place to go when you want to send gifts overseas.

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