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Coimbra is a city that proudly shares its culture and heritage with visitors. From mouth-watering local cuisine to entertainment and the arts, it is a dynamic and vibrant place to be. It is probably best known for the beautiful historical buildings of the Coimbra University, which was declared a World Heritage site in 2013. With a strong student presence, night-time entertainment is lively and loud and a large number of stalls at the very popular markets throughout the city display a variety of their crafts. The Portuguese love of flowers and plant life is also well represented in Coimbra.

The Jardim Botanico is a magnificent celebration of indigenous flora with a huge diversity of flowers, trees and plants. The Skygarden also offers visitors the opportunity to participate in some tree activities. For others, it is just an amazing place to relax and appreciate nature. Coimbra also offers many reminders of its fascinating past not least of which is the Monastery of Santa Cruz founded in 1131. Roman structures are also found and a fine collection of museums adequately relate Coimbra’s past.

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