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Send fresh flowers to Romania

Send Flowers to Romania


Send flowers to Romania

Located in Eastern Europe and embracing the shore of the Black Sea, Romania is a country that finally emerged in the latter half of the 19th century (although disparate principalities had inhabited this land for millennia). After the Second World War, Romania was a part of the Soviet political conglomerate until its ultimate independence in 1989. Presently, Romania is experiencing a growing economy and many of its residents enjoy an upper-middle-class lifestyle.

Notwithstanding a healthy economy, Romania is rich in history and culture. Its capital city of Bucharest is a well-known financial centre that plays host to such attractions as the Palace of the Parliament and the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Similar advancements can be viewed in other districts. For instance, Craiova is a commercial powerhouse and offers visitors such attractions as the Madona Dudu Church, the Craiova Art Museum and a spacious botanical garden (one of the largest in Europe). These are some prime examples of the recent strides that Romania has taken towards a fully successful and integrated economy.

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