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Clujnapoca is a city in Romania that is the second-most populated urban district behind the capital of Bucharest. Its unique history claims that it is also the rather unofficial capital of the province of Transylvania. While this city experienced a certain amount of decline during the post-Soviet era of the 1990s, it is today thought to be one of the most important centres for learning, culture and industry in the entire country. Currently populated by more than three hundred thousand inhabitants, Clujnapoca is also an important tourist destination.

A history that begins during Roman times and stretches through until the present day has allowed this city to offer numerous cultural attractions. Many Gothic buildings are still intact and reflect a unique architecture that was all but vacant during communist times. Some of the most stunning examples include Banffy Palace and Unrii Square. Currently, Clujnapoca is home to major industrial and telecommunications hubs such as Nokia, Emerson, Office Depot and Bechtel. Thanks to foreign investment and improved infrastructure, many feel that Clujnapoca is entering into a modern "golden age".

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