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Rostov-on-Don has been populated since ancient times, which is due in no small part to its strategic location on the Don River. Having been the site of both Greek and Ottoman colonies, the city has become an interesting architectural and cultural centre that continues its prominence into modern times. During the latter half of the nineteenth century, Rostov-on-Don became an important location for heavy industry. An iron foundry was established and the city was well known for its production of steam engines, wheat and iron ore.

Modern times have allowed Rostov-on-Don to become a major base for Russian start-up companies. The skyline is seen to reflect such progression and a number of high-rise buildings have recently been erected. In contrast, the urban districts are also known for their fresh market produce such as fish, flowers and countless varieties of fruit. Some of the most popular tourist attractions include river steamboat rides, the retail shops of Pushinskaya Street, the Rostov circus and a handful of Cossak villages located immediately outside of town.

Due to such pronounced growth, it should come as no great surprise that there is a greater need than ever before for reliable flower delivery to Rostov-on-Don. Such a gift would bring a smile to the face of any friend or family member living here.

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