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Ufa, capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Russia, originated as a fortress built on Ivan the Terrible’s orders in 1574 and named Tura-Tau after the hill it stood on. The city’s current name is a Turkic term for "small" and it lies in the eastern valley of the Belaya River. The city fell prey to numerous armies, including Cossack and Bashkir insurgents in 1773 and 1774, and anti-Bolsheviks in 1918.

Ufa was the capital of the Ufa Directory, or the Provisional All-Russian Government, in 1918. Four years later, it became the capital of the Bashkir ASSR. The city developed rapidly once oil was discovered in Bashkiria and Ufa became a Soviet oil extracting and refining centre, inaugurating its oil refinery in 1937. Its population has witnessed steady growth from only around 100,000 inhabitants in 1913 to one million in 1980. Ufa’s main landmarks are monuments erected to heroic figures, such as Salavat Yulaev and Majit Gafuri.

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