Literally translated as meaning "White City", Belgrade is the largest urban centre and the capital of Serbia. This location is actually founded on roots that can be traced as far back as eight thousand years ago. Having seen constant occupation since this time, Belgrade has now become one of the most culturally significant areas in the Balkans.

The premiere attractions in this city tend to be the unique architecture of many of the historic buildings. Some of the most famous are Kalemegdan Fortress, the National Theatre and the exclusive neighborhood of Dedinje. Still, there are wide open expanses of land such as Students' Square and countless parks to be enjoyed. From a vibrant nightlife to the ability to simply sit on a corner while reading the morning paper, Belgrade has seen a rebirth since the breakup of Yugoslavia. With a welcoming atmosphere and a truly cosmopolitan people, Belgrade is indeed one of the best-kept secrets in this region of the world.

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