Slovakia is a small country that is located within the European Union. As the name hints, this nation was first founded by the Slavs as far back as the 5th century and since then, it has experienced a wealth of different cultures including the Mongols, Hungarians, Austrians and Russians. As Slovakia is now an independent state, cities such as Bratislava, Martin and Levice have experienced a considerable amount of growth.

Slovakia has also begun to experience an increased amount of foreign investment since joining the European Union. The tourism industry has likewise boomed and urban locations such as Bratislava are stunningly complemented by a wealth of natural attractions such as the Tatra Mountains and a World Heritage Site known as Bardejov. Additionally, bespoke souvenirs such as traditional folk costumes, crystalline glass and even human figurines fashioned from corn husks are popular gift items. In particular, the capital city of Bratislava is seen to be one of the most advanced in all of the Balkan states. Due to the influx of foreign businessmen and women, Slovakia is, without a doubt, on the economic rise.

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