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One of the top attractions in Ljubljana is the Ljubljana Castle, which has an outlook tower that presents magnificent views of the city. The castle also houses exhibitions that relate a large part of the city’s history. Part of its historical past is the Roman city of Emona that existed here 2,000 years ago and some remains can still be viewed on the streets of Ljubljana. The city ensures that the present blends beautifully with the past.

Ljubljana proudly displays its environmental awareness in a botanical garden that dates back to 1810. It also provides numerous parks in which to relax and enjoy being one with the outdoors. The residents of Ljubljana have a tradition of hospitality and it shows in the number of excellent restaurants and diners found throughout the city. Organic products are a significant part of the mouth-watering local and international cuisines that often blend together on restaurant menus. Ljubljana is a city that understands the finer things in life and knows how to share this with others.

The decision to gift someone special with a flower delivery to Ljubljana will be received with the warmth and appreciation of nature for which the inhabitants are known.

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