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The spectacular landscape of Sion simply fits to decorate the lid of a chocolate box or to be the result of a 1,000-piece puzzle. The twin castles of Valĕre and Tourbillon that sit atop two glacier-created outcrops dominate the exquisite scene of Swiss beauty and serenity. Swiss vineyards and the imposing height of the Bernese Alps add to a scene that literally takes the breath away.

The imperial grandeur of Sion began in 580 when it rose to be the capital of the Valais region. A long line of medieval buildings and the pervasive sense of superiority brought about by cultural activities still cause its 30,000 residents and visitors to think of this region as being a capital of Switzerland. Historical Swiss cathedrals like Notre-Dame du Glarier and Thĕodule stand side-by-side with modern markets and art galleries that offer visitors the opportunity to take home a little piece of this remarkably unique location. Swiss vineyards add a touch of local artistry to the mouth-watering menus of the many fine restaurants that cater to the appetites of visitors to Sion.

The gift of a flower delivery to Sion will delight any friend, family member or colleague living in this city.

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