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When looking out across this thoroughly 21st century city, it is hard to imagine its origins, as a small 17th century fishing village. It is now a vibrant, bustling, modern city with a lot to offer the visitor, from the many tourist sights to the wonderful night-time markets.

At various times part of the Dutch, Qing dynasty and Japanese empires, remains of all three can still be seen, and great effort is being made to preserve the past, while the city looks frenetically into the future. The most impressive sights are those of the modern city, with myriad skyscrapers, malls, and leisure parks.

Its geographical location means that it also close to the natural wonders of the south China sea, and the staggering coral reefs that grow in the temperate waters. A number of mountains are easily reached, and trekking through them gives one a different, more relaxed view of life in the area.

But perhaps the most spectacular sights are the many markets that open up as dusk falls. Endless rows of stalls selling everything from clothes to traditional handicrafts and food. Do as the locals do and eat on the move.

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