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The residents of Tainan City proudly present regular festivals and parades in celebration of their culture, religion and traditions. Extravagant floral arrangements add spectacular colour to the floats, particularly the strikingly beautiful azalea, cherry blossom and maple leaf found here. Taiwan cherishes its fauna and flora and provides for numerous nature reserves that create miniature ecosystems. To truly discover the charm of Tainan City, tourists are encouraged to explore its many winding alleyways.

Unlike Taipei, a vibrant hub of culture and entertainment, Tainan City experiences little international tourism, yet it is heaven for those who love exploring historic temples. The city is home to approximately 500 Buddhist and Taoist temples with many being among the oldest in Taiwan. It also boasts many protected national historic sites that entice a significant number of domestic tourists every year. Although little English is spoken among the 750,000 inhabitants of Tainan City, the warmth, friendliness and patience of its people soon provides sufficient understanding of a visitor’s needs to be of assistance.

Sending the gift of a flower delivery to Tainan City will present your loved one with an amazing kaleidoscope of colour and fragrance that is sure to make them smile from ear to ear.

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