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Home to the world's tallest building, the 829-meter-high Burj Khalifa, the world's biggest shopping centre, the 1200-store Dubai Mall, and the world's largest indoor skiing and snowboarding slopes at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai is an opulent, modern world-class city. In the hot desert climate zone, Dubai sees sunshine almost all year long with average winter highs of approximately 25° C and average summer highs of 40° C. Summers are so sizzling hot that even bus stop shelters are air conditioned for the comfort of those waiting. The city is a fascinating blend of old and new world sensibilities, and its modern towering skyline, many luxurious mansions and lavishly designed public buildings speak of the uttermost extravagance.

When you're separated from your friends or family, and they're living, working or just enjoying the benefits of a relaxing vacation in the United Arab Emirates, FloraQueen can help you to celebrate and share in your loved ones' special events with flower delivery Dubai. The gift of flowers sent with or without an occasion lets the recipient enjoy the warmth of being in your thoughts.

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