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Colloquially known as the "Steel Heart of the Republic", Ostrava is the second-largest city behind the capital of Prague. This is largely due to the massive coal deposits found nearby. Also, Ostrava is nestled between no less than five different rivers. This has enabled it to be an enviable trading port for centuries. Indeed, the rather industrial nature of this city can be seen today. Massive companies such as the Vitkovice Steel Works still employ thousands of local residents.

Although Ostrava still has the reputation of being a particularly industrialised location, headway has been made since the Velvet Revolution to transform this image. Many efforts have centred around bringing younger generations (and their expertise) into the city. Therefore, Ostrava has an extremely eclectic nightlife, and locations such as Stodolni Street attract countless visitors each year. Unlike many other cities within the Czech Republic, Ostrava has held on to its predominantly industrial roots, and much of the coal supplied to the country and the entire region is still excavated and refined here.

A flower delivery to Ostrava is an excellent way to brighten up the day of any colleague or worker in this industrial location. Such a gift of colour and sentiment is pleasing to the eye and the heart.

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