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Flower Delivery To Dominican Republic

Say thank you, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and more with FloraQueen. We deliver where you want when you want. Yes, that includes the Dominican Republic! 

Choose from our range of stunning, freshly cut bouquets and let your family know just how much you love them. Send your message in the global language of flowers today.

You can learn the following, below:

  • Why send flowers?
  • Do you offer anything other than flowers?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the best flowers to send?
  • Do you deliver to PO box? Or to funerals?
  • How do I order?
  • How fast is delivery?
  • Why us?

Everybody Loves Flowers

We help you make your loved ones smile. Through us, you can wish your family congratulations. Send them your love, show them your respect and more. You can also send a bouquet to brighten up a room or as a gift. There is a flower for every occasion, at every time of year. Flowers are recognized globally. They transcend language and culture barriers. They are the perfect way for you to send love, congratulations, commiserations and more. 

We Also Have Gift Baskets, Vases, and Gift Cards!

Need Valentine's Day gift to show how much you care? Or perhaps you just want to treat your girl to a nice surprise? Well, we can help with that. We have a range of beautiful wines and champagnes, chocolates from Nestle and Lindt, and teddy bears delicately crafted with care. 

You can choose from our range of luxurious gift baskets featuring one, two, or all three of the above choices. We have a wide selection varying in extravagance and size so we’re bound to have something perfect for you. 

We also offer vases and gift cards with our bouquets, if you’re looking for a little something extra to add with your flowers.

Your Flowers are Delivered Freshly and Quickly

We have an international network of florists. Meaning that your bouquet is hand-cut, precisely arranged and expertly crafted by members of our team. We do it as close to the delivery date as possible too! So that the freshness of your flowers is guaranteed. 

What Flowers Should I Send?

First, ask yourself “What am I trying to tell my recipient?”

  • If “I love you” is your answer, then go with Roses and Lilies,
  • Or for a more romantic approach, 12 Red Roses. Symbolizing your undying love.
  • For harmony and happiness, Callas bouquets are your best bet. 
  • And for a bit of life and vibrancy, go with some yellow and pink rose bouquets. 

Can I Send Flowers for a Funeral?

During the ordering process you will be asked if the flowers are for a funeral. Please make sure you answer yes to this. Doing this allows us to process your order in a more efficient way, and make sure your flowers arrive perfectly.

In this case, please also provide us with a contact phone number and the exact date and time of the ceremony. You can use the special request box in the order screen to add any additional details you might like. We then forward these requests onto the florist to make sure everything is just as you want it.

Can I Send Flowers to a PO Box?

In the event that the address you give us is to a PO box, our agents contact you to request a new address for delivery. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

Order through our website

For your safety and efficiency, we do not take orders over the phone or via email. However ordering through our website is easy. 

Simply select the gift you want to send and tell us when you want it delivered. Enter the delivery address and your billing information, and that’s all there is to it. Like magic! Tell us where and when, we’ll handle the rest.

We Make it Simple

We have been doing this for over a decade. Over that time, with feedback and help from our customers, we have streamlined the process of sending flowers in a way that makes it simple, quick and affordable. Meaning that your recipients get better gifts sooner. 

We want to help you make your loved ones smile.

The language of flowers is beautiful, and about spreading joy. Our expert florists are committed to upholding that beauty and getting your emotions to shine through the gifts you send. 

Our customer-centric values and goals put your satisfaction first. With us, you can be assured that your orders will be handled with the utmost care and respect. 

We Ship Internationally

Not only can you send your flowers to the Dominican Republic, but you can send them pretty much wherever else you want! Our delivery service is quick, affordable, and of high quality. So you can put your faith in us, and rest assured that we then get your gift where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. 

Does FloraQueen Offer Same-Day Delivery?

Believe it or not, we do! Get your order in early enough and we can get it over to where you need it to be, on the double. Just be sure not to miss that cut-off point, it varies from country to country. You can even choose if you want it delivered in the morning or the evening. 

Can I Get a Refund if my Flowers are Damaged?

If your flowers arrive damaged, or not up to standard, you can request a refund within two working days of delivery. If your delivery is missing an item or does not show up, we ask that you send your refund request within seven days of the scheduled delivery date. 

Also, if the delivery is late due to circumstances within our control, you will be entitled to a full refund. However, if the delivery is late due to circumstances out of our control (recipient not home, etc.) you do not get a refund. In this event, we then contact you to arrange an alternative delivery date. Please note that we cannot reimburse you for the cost of any additional products.

Ordering flowers to the Dominican Republic is easy when you choose international flower delivery through FloraQueen. Place an order today to see how easy it is.

What are the best-selling flowers in Dominican Republic:

Why should I choose FloraQueen for a Dominican Republic flower delivery?

There is a lot of choice of online flower delivery services on the Internet. We offer a flexible service that takes the complexity out of international flower delivery. With a network of expert florists in many countries around the world as well as our centres In Europe, the US and around the world, we are able to offer that rare mix of the best quality flowers with an easy and fast delivery system. If you want more than just flowers we also have an extensive range of gifts and add-ons to make your order even better.

Can I send flowers to Dominican Republic with FloraQueen?

Yes, we do send flowers to Dominican Republic. You can also attach a greeting card to the bouquet!

Can I send the flowers to po box?

Unfortunately not, in this case our agents will ask you to provide a physical address in order to complete your delivery.

How do i order flowers for the funeral?

Make sure to mark the flowers are for the funeral (second step of ordering process). This will help us to manage your order in more efficient way and make sure flowers will arrive as requested. Please also provide us with a telephone number to call and exact date time of ceremony. You can use special requests box for additional information. Special request will be forwarded to the florist and will help to complete your order.

Can i order by telephone or email?

The safest and most efficient way to order is via our website, for this reason we do not accept orders by email or telephone.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, we work directly with local florists in Dominican Republic, just around the corner from the delivery address. We can accept same day delivery almost everywhere. The cut off time for same day delivery does vary for each country and time zone, and you will be advised during the buying process if it is not possible. In this case delivery date will not be available in the calendar.

Do the flowers come with the vase?

A vase is not included in the price unless specified in the product description. If you would like your flowers to be delivered in a vase please make sure to add the product in a second step the buying process.

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