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The Beautiful Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola, occupying exactly two-thirds of its terrain. The country shares this island with the Republic of Haiti, but it is larger in size, occupying a surface area of exactly 48,198 square kilometres. This also makes the Dominican Republic the second biggest island in the whole of the Caribbean. To the north of the country, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean wet the coasts of the island, while the Caribbean sea is in the south. The Dominican Republic’s population is approximately nine million people, being comprised of a mix of Europeans and people of African decent. There are also other ethnic groups that make up the population, being descendants from Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian people. Overall, the country favours a healthy mix of races and religions.

The language spoken in the Dominican Republic is Spanish but a great number of people, particularly in the hospitality and tourism industry, speak a number of other languages such as English, French, Italian and German. When visiting the country, though, it is really helpful and highly recommended to learn at least some of the basics in Spanish, as not everyone will be able to speak other languages, particularly in the country’s less developed areas. The overall climate in Santo Domingo is tropical for most of the year, and a standard day is likely include a scorching sun. There might be clouds and torrential rain, but it will very rarely occur. The temperature can vary from 19 to 34 degrees centigrade, with the coldest month usually being November.

The three million people, and it was originally founded by Christopher Columbus capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo, which is actually the oldest continually occupied colonial settlement in the region. The population of Santo Domingo is approximately in the year 1496. The city is essentially divided into two distinct sections, separated by the Ozama River. These sections are the west and the east of the city, of which the west is more economically developed. FloraQueen's international flower delivery service will allow for flower delivery anywhere in the Dominican Republic. If you're looking for where to order flowers, then look no further. Simply order flowers online on our website, and our online floral delivery service will ensure that you can send someone flowers in an easy and quick way which leaves them speechless.

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