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Punta Cana is one of the easternmost cities in the Dominican Republic. This location has become renowned for its proximity to some of the country’s most pristine coastlines. Its name can literally be translated as "Tip of the White Cane Palms" and, interestingly, the population here is mostly comprised of Haitian immigrants. Punta Cana has been the leading tourist destination in the Dominican Republic since the 1970s.

Thanks to tropical temperatures throughout the year, Punta Cana’s economy largely revolves around the tourist industry. Water-related recreational activities predominate in particular. From fishing to cruise ships and all-day excursions, tourists will have a whole host of unique attractions to enjoy. Punta Cana is also close to other metropolitan areas within the country such as Santo Domingo and the city of Samana. Today, a number of modern resort developments have been constructed, further influencing the tourist sector. Punta Cana is expected to remain one of the most visited cities in the Caribbean.

Flower delivery to Punta Cana is ideal for a friend or loved one who may be visiting. With a number of arrangements and bouquets to choose from, this gift idea will offer untold amounts of enjoyment.

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