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Otherwise simply known as Bacolod, this city of just over five hundred thousand inhabitants is the capital of the Negros Occidental province of the Philippines. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire region and Bacolod was voted the friendliest city in the Philippines in 2008.

Bacolod was only a small settlement until Spanish missionaries began permanent development during the latter half of the 18th century. Interestingly enough, the entire province was subsequently under both American and Japanese occupation. This has allowed Bacolod to exhibit a rather eclectic nature that further enhances its international flavour. Currently, the city is a notable centre for information technology and business management.

Some of the major attractions include the Fountain of Justice, the San Sebastian Cathedral and the Masskara Street Festival that exhibits local dancers on an annual basis. In recent times, an increased number of foreigners have migrated to Bacolod for increasing job offers in the technology industry. Like many cities in the Philippines, Bacolod is expected to enjoy prosperity into the future.

So, it stands to reason that flower delivery to Bacolod City is a popular gift choice for those who visit or are permanent residents. Bespoke arrangements and reliable shipment services are two benefits that can be enjoyed.

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