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Baguio is a city in the Philippines that is considered to be one of the most advanced and fastest growing in the entire northern region of Luzon Island. Ironically, what is now considered to be the urban centre was established as an American military "hill station" in 1900. Since then, Baguio has exponentially grown to host a population of well over three hundred thousand people. These figures should only rise in the years to come.

Following the trend of many eastern nations, Baguio is home to numerous institutions of higher learning; many of these focused on technical and scientific trades. Almost half of the population are indeed students. Nonetheless, the city also relies heavily upon the tourism industry. The retail and food sectors are represented in the numerous urban districts and countless brand names have large outlets to cater to the general public. These are some of the reasons that Baguio City is a prime investment opportunity. Thanks to the influx of both foreign and domestic capital, the urban growth witnessed here will likely increase as the economy continues to burgeon.

As more foreign workers call this city their home, flower delivery to Baguio has become a heartfelt way to send an unforgettable gift to any friend, colleague or loved one.

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