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Originally, Iligan was one of the largest and most important ports for local tribes before Spanish conquest. While the Spanish conquistadors initially entered what is now Iligan City in 1642, their reign was rather terse. They ceded this city (and the entire Philippines nation) to the United States in 1899. Although a certain amount of expansion was seen under American occupation, Iligan City nonetheless fell under Japanese control until the end of World War Two.

In modern times, Iligan City has become an extremely popular tourist destination thanks to the countless picturesque waterfalls that are found nearby. In fact, the nickname of Iligan City is "City of Majestic Waterfalls". Having capitalised on hydroelectric power, this city is primarily powered by these falls. Education is prominently featured here, and the city boasts one of the highest literacy rates in the entire country. Notwithstanding the hydroelectric market, Iligan City is also one of the industrial powerhouses of the southern portion of the Philippines. Heavy machinery and steel production have allowed the entire region to experience considerable growth.

With such expansion, flower delivery to Iligan City is also an important sector. Such a gift idea is indeed a great way to surprise a colleague or a friend who may reside in this tropical location.

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